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Tai Chi Green Tea, the edible spring sprouts green tea, has been helping customers live healthier, happier lives since 2005. Please see customers talking about it: 

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Where Does Tai Chi Green Tea Come from?


Tai Chi Green Tea  only selects certified organically grown green tea from Yingshan (Grant Mountain), Hubei Province, China.  It is imported to the US after passing all the strict quality examinations.  

How Special is Tai Chi Green Tea?


Only the baby leaves on the top of tea trees in early spring are selected. The baby leaves are so tender, they can be eaten raw and should be made with cool to warm water.

We have two types of packages: loose tea (whole leaf tea) and tea bags.  Easy to store, easy to enjoy.  You can eat the tea leaves (loose tea) , or sprinkle the tea leaves on salmon, fish fillet, beef, chicken, or salad to eat it raw; you can put the tea in a bottle of water to drink it after a few minutes.

The tea has been kept refrigerated to preserve the freshness.

Once you have tasted Tai Chi Green Tea, you will know what real green tea is!

More Testimonials about Tai Chi Green Tea on Youtube:

Tai Chi Green Tea is Different

Helps Weight Control 

Helps Lower Blood Sugar, Fight Diabetes

Helps Relieve Joint Pain, Back Pain, Knee Pain, Finger Pain,  Arthritis

Helps Lower Blood Pressure

Helps Boost Energy

Helps Open Nose Congestions

Helps Lower Cholesterol

Helps Relieve Headaches

Aids Digestion

Helps Bowel Movement & Elimination

Helps Clear Skin

Tai Chi Green Tea Review from Customer Email


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