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How to Enjoy Loose Tea 


Sprinkle the Tea on Tufu


Brew in a Glass 


Sprinkle the Tea on Fish

How to Enjoy Tai Chi Green Tea - Loose Tea

The box of loose tea contains 20 packets of edible spring sprouts whole leaf tea (each packet has about 2 grams of tea).  The tea leaves can be eaten raw or after being soaked in water. 

3 Ways to Enjoy the Loose Tea:

1. Use a 6-8 oz china cup (or glass) of cool to warm (mineral) water to brew one packet of loose tea (the cooler the water, the better, but brewing time will be longer).
    Drink after 3 minutes (warm water)- 8 minutes (cool water)  minutes.
    When the cup is half-empty, refill. Refill 2-4 times.
    Do not add anything else to the tea. Consume the tea within one hour.
    You may eat every piece of the leaves after drinking.
2. Keep a packet on hand (in the car) to eat a few pieces of the raw tea to refresh yourself or sprinkle the tea on your food (fish or salad) to eat it raw
3.  Put the tea leaves into a bottle of  8-16 oz cool spring water. Shake well, drink and eat the tea.  Consume the tea within one hour or as soon as possible.


  1. People who are allergic to caffeine should not drink green tea.

  2. Pregnant women should not drink too much green tea.

  3. Do not drink tea without some food while too hungry. Do not drink green tea late at night.

  4. Do not use foam cup or paper cup to make tea.

  5. For those with complicate health conditions, consult doctors before taking green tea.

 If you have some general health concerns,  please see more suggestions as how to take the tea.

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