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What Does the Logo Mean?


 All over our products, videos and documents, there is the Tai Chi Graph in Green. This is our registered Trade Mark. The Logo is called Tai Chi Green Tea.  "Tai Chi Green Tea" simply means "The Best Green Tea"  (Tai Chi means "Supreme Ultimate").

The logo is based on Tai Chi Graph, but the black part of it has been changed to be green. Tai Chi Graph means the balance of Ying and Yang and the harmony of the universe.  In the logo, the whiteness symbolizes water, the greenness symbolizes green tea. It means that the best green tea in pure water keeps the balance of our body.

Tai Chi Graph is the logo of Daoism.  Daoism people live close to  nature and care about their own well-being and the harmony of the universe. Adopting the logo of Daoism, Tai Chi Green Tea intends to call people to stay close to nature and keep the balance of  their own body and mind by taking the high quality green tea.

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