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Green Tea Helps Weight Loss

 Green tea appears to be very helpful in losing weight. We have run into many people who consumed green tea and saw weight loss. You may try our green tea and see if it works on you. 

Disclaimer: the followings are just ordinary customers casually talking about how the green tea working on them. The statements may be misleading. It must be known that any health improvement of the people  is due to a combination of their diet change, doing more exercises, taking green tea and luck. 

13. Lost 20 Pounds Taking Tai Chi Green Tea for 2-3 Months

14. Lost 20 Pounds Taking Tai Chi Green Tea over 1 month

15. Lost 25 Pounds Taking Tai Chi Green Tea 3 month

16. Live on Tai Chi Green Tea

17. Lost 20 Pounds

18. Tai Chi Green Tea Helps Her Lost 116 Pounds

19. Never Seen Weight Loss this Fast

20. Her Coworker Lost a lot of Weight

21. Lost 25 Pounds in 1 Month

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