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Positive mind, good sleep, food & exercises, keys to health

We believe that positive mind, good sleep, good food & drink and exercises are the keys to a healthy life and they are in your own hands: I. Positive mind. Try always to be happy, cheerful. Do not let any trivial things in your life trouble you. Life is short. Our life is tiny in the universe, why let so much trivial things bother you? Bear whatever you have to bear. Enjoy whatever you can enjoy. Try to have some religious belief or a positive philosophy of life. II. Enough sleep. Try all your best to have enough qualified sleep. Cancer, heart disease, tiredness, migraine, depression, cold and many other diseases and even accidents are all partially caused by deprived sleep. Try to arrange enough time for sleep. Good qualified sleep could be the best medicine for preventing cancer, heart disease, cold, heart attack, migraine, depression and etc. Slow exercies could help you to have good sleep. Taking long walk and soaking your feet in hot water before you go to bed will help you sleep. III. Food and drink. A lot of health problem come in through our mouths. Lot of health problems we have are caused by the wrogn food and drink . Good food and drink could be medicine to your health. Choose the best food and drink that you can afford. Do not use lower quality food and drink to ruin your health. Try to be vegetarian or eat as less meat as possible, especially when you reach 40 or 50 years old. Consuming green tea, garlic, onions, ginger daily wull help a lot. IV.Exercises. Try to find time to do exercises. Do the exercises that fit you. Try all your best to do exercises in the natural enviornment, outdoor. Others: choose a place where the air is fresh and environment is good to live. The air you breath in is critical to your health. One thousand factors could affect your health. To have a positive mind, to have good sleep, to eat and drink right and do exercises are things we can manage. The above are my personal opinion. Hope it helps.

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